1 min readFeb 21, 2021

Dear Human Leaders,

Your humans are stressed, #burnout and emotionally exhausted. Don't attempt to normalize the last 12 months with asinine quarterly or annual employee reviews.

Over the past 12 months businesses have either crushed it or failed. The pandemic gave out no participation awards. You either won or you lost. Just that simple.

Workforces have been stressed on multiple fronts, none more impactful than #HomeLife. All the normal stress of work, brought to a cramp kitchen table, with a 7 yr old whose Common Core math defies all logic. And thats if you're part of the lucky few who with a job and who can work from home.

So as we all go to do quarterly check-ins and annual reviews let's be real. Humans are burnt out. They're coping as best they can. Your company isn't profitable due to operational or technology issues. Revenues are down because #morale is shit.

A happy workforce breeds a happy culture. Happy cultures are by default more profitable. Because people care and take pride in what they do.

So, remember to lead with emotional intelligence and empathy. Not just because its the right thing to do. But because it'll make you more money too.


Lessons from a #ChiefOfStaff




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