Dear Founders — Yes, your children are for sale.

2 min readDec 23, 2020

As a Founder I know how much you love your baby. Your business is so much a part of you that at times it seems you can't exist or wouldn't exist without it. But I'm here to break it to you, you are not your business.

You are funny, interesting, conflicted, nuanced (man this sounds like a eHarmony profile) unique individual. You are not though your business. Your business is your business. Mind your business and sometimes be prepared to sell it. Not all of it. Just enough to help grow it til its big enough to look you in the eye and say, "Its time you retired."

#RegCF will allow you to crowdfund up to $5M. To do that will cost you between $50k and $350k, + 3-12% equity.

Thats the #stickerprice for trying to sell your baby to potential investors. It comes at an emotional shock to most entrepreneurs. After all, we love our babies. Just keep in mind, you are not your business. And sometimes to help it grow you've got to be willing to share it with customers. Because customers have more 💰 than VCs. #InvestmentCrowdfunding #raisingmoney #startupcapital

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