Are VC and crowdfunding mutually exclusive?

2 min readDec 22, 2020


Q&A with Alex Wick, 12/22/2020

In today's Q&A we answer:

"Are VCs and crowdfunding mutually exclusive?"

So yes. My name is Samson. Depending on where you're from when you pronounce it it may come out as S-a-m-P-s-o-n. I have no idea how the "pee" sound sneaks in there. This is typically a Midwestern accent thing that Samson, gets a "pee" sound right smack dab in the middle. If you're a Spanish speaker my name is Sam-soon. As in Sam will arrive soon. Either way is fine because I know you came to me not to learn how to saw my name but show me the money, so I can tell you #WhereTheMoneyResides.

The $ resides in VCs. The value resides in customers. Because every successful Founder will tell you, "Not all 💰 is good 💵".

VC, thats the crack cocaine of capital. Startups find themselves addicted to trying to get it instead of generating revenue. Revenue is the best 💰. Its so good, thats #VCs 1st question, "How much revenue you making?"

Who has revenue 💰?

Customers. Because customers have more 💰 than VCs.

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