Dear Human Leaders,

Your humans are stressed, #burnout and emotionally exhausted. Don't attempt to normalize the last 12 months with asinine quarterly or annual employee reviews.

Over the past 12 months businesses have either crushed it or failed. The pandemic gave out no participation awards. You either won or you…

Jan 5, 2021

Unless the CIA, NSA or some other acronym funds you, #stealthmode will kill you.

Who even came up with this idea of not advertising your good, product or service? This is clearly some witchcraft concocted by VCs to explain why they fund ideas with no customers, clients…

"Just because you own a dollar doesn't mean you own part of the USA." Steve Quan of Coingenuis explaining the difference between owning Ripple shares and hodling XRP coins.

Each Wednesday, Coingenius has a conference call called "Genius Wednesday". For Genius Wednesdays they’ve recruited thought leaders from across the industry…


Cheerleader of all things startup and entrepreneur. Life's a hustle, invest in something worthy of you. @AxesAndEggs @UNHLaw #Blockchain #Cryptocurrencies

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