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Money often costs too much. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  1. Legally they can’t. See page 13 of the 685 page JOBS Act about what portals (aka platforms) can and cannot do for Founders. …

  1. It costs you sweat, creativity and drive to raise your company’s first $107k using RegCF.
  2. After the first $107k, it will cost you about 10% of your goal to raise to try to raise your desired amount. …

  1. Same reason Christmas is a $900 BILLION DOLLAR time of the year even though (spoiler alert) Santa Clause doesn’t exist. Humans love to believe.
  2. Institutional agents, Wall Street and Regulators are human and why let facts/truth or reality get between you and profit? (I’m pretty sure that is a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition).
  3. How does bitcoin generate revenue? (Hint — it doesn’t. Thats how you know its a ponzi scheme).


Cheerleader of all things startup and entrepreneur. Life's a hustle, invest in something worthy of you. @AxesAndEggs @UNHLaw #Blockchain #Cryptocurrencies

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